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Athayoga Retreats

with Andrew and Jerusha at Calamansac, Port Navas view the Athayoga website

These weekend retreats are a wonderful opportunity to take some time out from the pressures of daily life, practise a gentle but inspirational style of Yoga and just ‘be' within the idyllic surrounds of Calamansac. Each weekend provides a full programme of Yoga, relaxation and meditation. Throughout the weekend you will treated to home cooked vegetarian food and in between sessions you can walk, rest or just find a beautiful place to be.

Andrew and Jerusha's unique way of teaching explores all aspects of being human and uses Yoga in a creative, playful and compassionate way to help Retreatants work with their health and wellbeing in the context of their life circumstances. The retreat is open to anyone regardless of Yoga experience or health status.

If you are interested in booking a retreat or if you just want to talk about it with Andrew or Jerusha please contact them directly on 01326 375191 or email them at andrewandjerusha@athayoga.co.uk 

To find out more about their style of teaching and local programme of Yoga view the Athayoga web site

Click here to see Calamansac on our website.