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Extra Vigilant Cleans this Summer

July 8, 2020 No Comments

As we welcome visitors back to Cornwall, the health, safety, and well-being of our guests is of utmost importance to us. Our caretakers will have worked hard to prepare properties to an exacting standard, carrying out an extra vigilant cleans prior to guests arrival.

Departing guests will need to vacate their properties by 9am to allow caretakers a longer window of time to prepare properties. Incoming guests will access to their holiday homes from 5pm. Soft furnishings and items such as books & board games will be removed to limit touch points.

This checklist indicates just some of the measures in place to ensure a comfortable stay in Cornwall.

Entrance, Hallway and Porch

  1. Keys disinfected
  2. Door handles, frame and front door disinfected.
  3. Wash off any marks on walls.
  4. Shake out doormat and clean underneath.
  5. Stairs vacuumed and brushed.
  6. Sweep and tidy approach down to the front door.


  1. Disinfected water taps, cupboard handles, appliance handles, level surfaces and all metal.
  2. All crockery, glassware and cutlery run through a cycle in the dishwasher.
  3. Dishwasher checked and filter cleared.
  4. Fridge/freezer cleared and defrosted if necessary.
  5. Cooker top and grill cleaned.
  6. Oven cleaned.
  7. Saucepans checked and cleaned if necessary.
  8. Glasses, cutlery and crockery checked.
  9. Shelves in cupboards/drawers checked and cleaned.
  10. Dustbin cleaned out.
  11. Place mats checked and cleaned.
  12. Kitchen floor washed.
  13. Tumble drier filters cleared.
  14. Cleaning products topped up and clean cloth, two tea towels and an oven cloth/glove provided for incoming guests.
  15. All food items removed.

Sitting Room

  1. TV remotes wiped with a damp cloth sprayed with antibacterial solution.
  2. Welcome folder wiped with disinfectant.
  3. Dusted and polished furniture, with a slightly damp cloth and anti-bacterial spray.
  4. Carpet thoroughly vacuumed.
  5. Sofas misted with a diluted antiviral solution. Curtains misted on main touch areas.


  1. Wiped down everywhere where hands may have been with antibacterial spray.
  2. Checked blankets, duvets and pillows are clean.
  3. Fresh mattress and pillow protectors fitted to all beds.
  4. Mattresses checked and washed if necessary.
  5. Underbed areas checked and cleared.
  6. Rooms dusted and vacuumed.
  7. Drawers checked.
  8. Re-make beds with freshly laundered linen.
  9. All used linen removed from the property.


  1. Cleaned WC thoroughly with disinfectant and toilet cleaner.
  2. Cleaned bath and shower with cleaner.
  3. Cleaned basin and taps with disinfectant.
  4. Checked plugholes for hairs. Leave two loo rolls per bathroom.
  5. Make sure there is a loo brush and that it is hygienic.
  6. Fresh bathmat and hand towels supplied.
  7. Shelves, bathroom cabinets and mirrors cleaned.
  8. Floor washed, brushed and vacuumed.
  9. Shower curtain checked and cleaned.


  1. Windows checked externally and internal handles disinfected.
  2. Vacuum cleaner emptied

Extra Notes

To enable a full and rigorous cleaning regime and to avoid contact between yourselves and housekeepers/trades/owners we require you to arrive no earlier than 5pm on your arrival day.

  1. Whilst your holiday home will have been thoroughly cleaned, we recommend you revisit the touchpoints (handles, light pulls, switches yourself with some anti-bacterial cleaner, (taking care not to wet light sockets etc), to give yourself that extra peace of mind.
  2. Departure is no later than 9am please on your check out day, so that we have a minimum 8 hour window to thoroughly clean the cottage and prepare for the next guests.
  3. Please leave windows and all the internal doors open on departure, to allow for maximum air flow. Please do not leave the windows open in the event of high winds and driving rain.
  4. Please strip your beds and place the duvet cover, sheet and pillow case in a fabric laundry bag, that will be left in the master bedroom on arrival, and stow at the foot of each bed.  Mattress and pillow protectors are to be stripped and placed in a separate black refuse bag please. All towels, tea towels and bath mats should be bagged and left in the bathroom. (Three separate bags: Linen/Towelling/Protectors). This is our standard practice but please do check in your property for any specific property requirements.
  5. Please remove all your refuse and recycling from the property and stow, securely in bin bags/the appropriate containers, outside of your holiday home.

Unfortunately, if the above matters are not complied with then we may have to appoint a specialist contractor and this will come at a charge that will be passed on to you. 

COVID self-certification

Before your stay we will ask you to self-certify your health in respect of COVID19. These questions include:

Confirmation that you, or anyone in your party, are not displaying any of the main Coronavirus symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • A new persistent cough
  • Shortness of breath

Confirmation that you, or anyone in your holiday party, have not been in contact with anyone who has displayed the above symptoms, or tested positive for COVID19 in the last 14 days.

Confirmation that should you or anyone in your party develop symptoms between now and the departure date of your holiday you will contact Cornish Holiday Cottages immediately.

We will ask you to confirm acceptance of the changes to the Housekeeping service.

Thank you so much for your assistance

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Book with confidence

May 7, 2020 Comments (2)

Cornish Holiday Cottages new Flexible Booking Policy

We know how uncertain things feel at the moment. Holidays are important. They give us something positive to focus on, so to enable you to plan ahead, with confidence, we are introducing some flexible terms, contrary to our standard terms and conditions.

Welcome to a temporary, flexible, booking policy for any new booking for a 2020 stay that is made prior to 31st December 2020, while we all get back on our feet again. For any booking for a 2020 stay, made prior to 31st December 2020, we will be happy to offer a transfer to an alternative date, in the same property, to be taken no later than 31st December 2021. You may transfer your booking to a higher or lower value period however please note that you will be liable to pay any difference should the value be higher. If you defer to a cheaper time then you will be credited with the price difference.

We will not charge an administration fee for any change to your booking made prior to 31st December 2021.

Please be aware that any existing or new insurance policy may not cover you for any cancellation related to COVID 19 but we recommend that you take out insurance to cover all other events that may result in your booking being cancelled. Please note that the flexible booking is available only in relation to any cancellation that arises directly as a result of Government advice against travel in your home location or the property location, or due to you, or one of your party becoming unwell with COVID 19. For all other cancellations our standard terms and conditions apply.

In order to book using our flexible booking policy you will need to opt in at the booking stage and transfers will only be available on the basis that you give notice of your intention to transfer at least 48 hours before your arrival due date.

These terms are a temporary variation to our standard terms and conditions

COVID19 UPDATE – Tuesday 12th May 2020

The safety of our guests, property owners and housekeepers is very important to us. We have been reviewing our existing policies and terms and conditions to align with the latest Government directions. We will keep this page under review and will update it from time to time, so please do keep checking as the situation develops.

If you have an existing booking that is to commence in the next two weeks please contact us to discuss if we have not already spoken with you. Tomorrow we will start the process of contacting everyone with a holiday scheduled from 4th June to 4th July.

For guests due to arrive on or before 4th July 2020

You are entitled to transfer your booking to a new date with no administration charge. You will be entitled to request a date change to your booking up until the end of 2021. We will endeavour to transfer your holiday to your preferred new date, subject to availability. In the event that we cannot accommodate you with your choice of dates we will try to look at other options for you. In the event that you choose a stay that is of a higher value than your original booking then we will add the additional amount to your final payment. If the price is lower then you will receive a discount on your balance payment.

In the light of the circumstances, our property owners have kindly agreed to freeze the 2020 rates for 2021, so the rate change will only occur if you move to a different time period.

We will be reviewing existing bookings and the dates stated above on a regular basis in line with Government guidelines.

We desperately hope that we can welcome you back to Cornwall in July.

With much love and best wishes

Emily, Mel, Debbie, Lizzi, Alex and Chris

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COVID-19 Update 17.04.20

April 17, 2020 No Comments

Dear Guests

We are in our fourth weekend of lockdown. We send you our kind thoughts and we hope amongst it all, you are able to find some peace, calm and at least a little joy in this different way of life.

Our thoughts are with those frontline keyworkers, working for the sake of all others and for those affected and struggling as a result of COVID19.

We have reached out to each of you that has a booking up until 4th June. If your booking is yet to resolved please contact us ASAP on hello@cornishholidaycottages.net

If you have a booking from 5th June onwards then please note that we will not be automatically be taking balance payments. We will be in touch around four weeks prior to your planned arrival to discuss options with you. You are welcome to make a tentative booking for holiday stays from 5th June onwards and subject to it being safe to do so, we will honour your reservation. No payment will be taken at this stage.

We desperately hope that we might be able to welcome you here again before too long, however we await further guidance from the UK government.

With much love and all our best wishes

Emily, Mel, Debbie, Lizzi, Alex and Chris
To see the Frequently Asked Questions please click here.

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COVID-19 Update 03.04.20

April 3, 2020 No Comments

Dear Customers

I hope you are keeping well and are not feeling too challenged by this situation we find ourselves in.

It has been lovely talking to so many of you these last few weeks and knowing that despite the circumstances you are safe at home and keeping well.  

Enormous thanks to those of you that are keyworkers and are tirelessly working and selflessly supporting humankind. Our hearts go out to families seriously affected by the virus and those struggling as a result of it.

To update you on where we are at with your booking management to date, we have been in touch with each of you that has a booking up until the end of April and we are now chronologically working onwards, up until the 4th June. We hope so much that we might be able to welcome you here again from 5th June, however we await further guidance.

A little shout out to the wonderful team here at Cornish Holiday Cottages, who are working long hours, to assist with your insurance claims, or moving your bookings to another time. And thanks also to our property owners, who despite facing a huge loss of income, are all showing so much compassion.

Never have I felt such a huge sense of community, thank you for being an integral part of this.

With love

Emily (Mel, Debbie, Lizzi, Alex and Chris)

Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to make my holiday as the UK is in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Please refer to your travel insurance company and notify them that under government legislation you are unable to come to Cornwall.

Travel insurance is to cover such eventualities as this virus pandemic and if you can refer to them, we would be so grateful. It will help our small business and that of the holiday home owner and it means you receive a refund on receipt of the claim.
We will waive our cancellation fee in this circumstance. Please email info@cornishholidaycottages.net if you would like us to provide you with the relevant documentation to fulfil your insurance claim.

What happens if I do not have travel insurance?

If you paid by credit card it is worth checking with your card handler as you may have insurance cover with them.

If you do not have any insurance to fall back on then please email us on info@cornishholidaycottages.net with your booking details. We will reply with 48 hours and subject to availability you will be offered alternative dates, up until the end of 2021.

Will the Cornish Holiday Cottages team be available to talk to, during the coming weeks?

Yes, we remain here for you throughout.

Once the spread of Coronavirus starts to dissipate, what do Cornish Holiday Cottages foresee happening?

We anticipate (and desperately hope for) a huge surge in last minute and late summer/autumn bookings in the UK. We are currently taking tentative bookings from the 5th June onwards.

This page will be updated frequently, in accordance with government guidance.    

Please take a look at our terms and conditions here.

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Where will you be this Easter?

March 12, 2019 No Comments

The four day break brings so many possibilities. Why not wake up to birdsong and creek life at the delightful Rocky Waters which nestles on the high bank of Port Navas creek and has an interior so dreamy that you may struggle to leave of a morning.

Rocky Waters at Port Navas

Set off you must though as trigging, on Good Friday is a once a year tradition on the Helford River and so much fun! Bring a spade, a bucket and your wellies and comb the shore at low tide for cockles. Marvel in the direct ‘shore to plate’ food journey and cook them in a little white wine with shallots, pancetta and basil.

Ramble across the cliffs on the Lizard, the UK’s most southerly point and give yourself space to connect with the sea, the sheer beauty of the rugged edges where the land meets the sea and where the power of nature is at its most enchanting. Ann’s Pasties, reportedly the best in the west, will provide sustenance and a warm, full feeling in your tummy, just like the miners of foregone years enjoyed.

The view of Gyllyngvase Beach at Sunrise

Wake up by the beach at Sunrise on Easter Sunday and breakfast the Cornish way with a saffron bun, toasted with hot butter, on the south facing balcony. Stretch those legs along Falmouth seafront and search for shells on the sand. Easter, whatever your ideology, is a time to connect with nature, to be grateful for life’s rich abundance and to be together.

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Calamansac Floor plans

January 19, 2019 No Comments

East and West Wing on the Calamansac Estate are perfect for larger group getaways and yoga retreats. Here are the floor plans for both wings, when booked separately the play room comes with the East Wing and the doors into it from the West Wing will be locked.

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Cornwall Christmas Box 2018

December 18, 2018 No Comments

For the second year running we have donated a box of Christmas goodies to Cornwall Christmas Box. The box included everything a family needs for their Christmas dinner and some extra goodies.

Thank you to Cornwall Christmas Box for collecting and distributing these boxes to people who need them in time for the festive period.
A jaw-dropping 982 boxes have been donated so far.

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Sweet dreams are made of this

March 24, 2018 No Comments

A good night’s sleep is so important. The healing effects of sleep are just like a holiday in Cornwall – it reduces stress, makes you more alert, bolsters your memory and helps your body to repair.  At Cornish Holiday Cottages we work hard to make sure all our beds (over three hundred of them) are cosy and comfortable to make sure you achieve the best rest and relaxation during your break.

As March is ‘National Bed Month’ we wanted to share a selection of some of our most unique bedrooms and comfiest beds from our portfolio.

Sunrise, Falmouth Bay


Time and time again our guests tell us about the sumptuous super king bed and luxurious linen at this dreamy holiday apartment just behind Gylly Beach. The view of the sun rising above the beach opposite is spectacular. The only question is, will you be able to leave the cosy comfort of your bed to view the sun rise for yourself? Just five more minutes…

Upper Deck, Port Navas

Upper Deck, a boutique waterside apartment in Port Navas, was completely renovated last year and it is the perfect base for anyone looking to escape the hustle the bustle. The master bedroom has a king-size bed with stunning uninterrupted views of the creek. Plan a holiday here for lazy mornings, with a good book and watch the world float by your window.

Fisher’s Hut, Falmouth

If you like a holiday with a sense of adventure, then Fisher’s Hut is perfect for you. Based on the style of a Shepherd’s Hut the compact and bijou space has a bespoke double bed plus a second narrow single. Currently, there is no television at Fisher’s Hut, so, why not go one step further, switch off phones and go completely off-grid. Imagine nights by the firepit, marvelling in the star show above and waking to sound of bird song.

The Boat House, Port Navas

Perfect for a romantic break for two, The Boat House is in an idyllic waterside location on the creek side of Port Navas. The mezzanine sleeping area has a king size bed and wonderful views through the trees. The wood burner in the sitting room means this wonderful retreat is comfortable and cosy all year round.

Carrick Treath, Feock

Carrick Treath is a beautiful and unique holiday home enjoying fabulous uninterrupted views of the water of the Carrick Roads even from the bedroom. Just meters from the beach the whole house is finished to a high standard and the bedrooms are no exception.

Treviades Melyn

If you love the great outdoors, then Treviades Melyn is the perfect base for you.  The large, south-facing, landscaped gardens are a wonderful space for the family and can be enjoyed from the master bedroom. High vaulted ceilings, wooden floors and a Juliet balcony make it the perfect space to rest and relax while enjoying elevated views over the rolling countryside.

Cornish Holiday Cottages’ Team Photo Shoot at Trebah Gardens

March 8, 2018 No Comments

2018 is a big year for Cornish Holiday Cottages as it marks forty years since Emily’s grandmother started the company from her spare bedroom at West Bay, Maenporth. Here we are, all these years on, with an office in the square in Mawnan Smith, a portfolio of nearly ninety unique holiday homes and a team of six plus Mingo the dog.

To celebrate the anniversary we have some exciting treats coming up, so please do follow us on social media and make sure you are signed up to our newsletter here.

You know us as your local holiday home agent, specialising in the Falmouth and Helford River area, however how much do you really know about our individual team members? As part of  celebrating our heritage and sharing our story with you, we have redesigned our ‘about us’ section and we are soon to launch a ‘meet the team’ page… Which means we need new photos!

When thinking about the perfect place to use as a location for the portraits it was a no brainer really Trebah Gardens is a favourite of all of us here in the office and has a wonderful variety of natural backdrops, plus it is in the heart of the area we focus on.

Here are some behind the scene photographs.

With huge thanks to the Trebah Gardens Team for their warm hospitality and to Anthony Greenwood for his professionalism and good humour!

Grown-up getaways for Valentine’s

February 2, 2018 No Comments

With our busy lives is there a more romantic gift than taking time out with a break away? With its secluded creeks, sandy beaches and mild climate, Cornwall is the ideal choice for a Valentine’s getaway.

From traditional Cornish cottages, spacious townhouses and contemporary coastal apartments, Cornish Holiday Cottages have the perfect match for you and your other half. Imagine surprising your Valentine with an impromptu weekend away, a bottle of chilled wine, chocolates and some alone time.

Wood burners and roaring fires add to the romantic atmosphere and make everything even more cosy away from the February weather outside. Just right for a snuggle on the sofa with a good book or an old black and white movie on the tv.

Location is an important decision to make too. We have cottages tucked deep in the Cornish countryside on the banks of pretty creeks with rural pubs serving hearty grub. There are also sea view holiday homes in the heart of Falmouth with its selection of award-winning independent restaurants right on your doorstep.


Let us help you find your perfect romantic getaway. Here’s a list to inspire you:

The Boat House

The Brig


The Little Garage

Fisher’s Hut

The Old School Room

Rose Cottage 3

The Well House

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