Distinctly Different: Rebel Brewery

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Cornwall is home to an expansive and vibrant brewery scene. In my experience, craft beer seems to be outselling mainstream lagers and bitters almost everywhere: definitely in the Falmouth and Helford area anyway.

Rebel Brewery is a relative newcomer to the scene, but they have made a massive impact, winning many awards from CAMRA and the Taste Of The West for their classic range. The big hitter though, is their in demand and elusive Mexi-Cocoa which won the trophy for ‘Supreme Champion Beer’ and ‘Best in Class’ at last year’s Falmouth Beer Festival. That’s right, Cocoa; as in chocolate. Described as a chocolate vanilla stout the Mexi-Cocoa is a hit wherever it is being pulled behind a bar.

 Rebel Brewery

With a staff of only 8 people and a small commercial building in Penryn, this artisan operation is still ‘ten times bigger’ than where they were when they first started the company and they are now selling their beers nationally, in pubs as well as delis and other food outlets.

For a company whose popularity and reputation has sky rocketed, they have an ethos that remains very small and very focused, but also a bit alternative, distinctive, some might say…rebellious. Founders Rob Lowe and Guillermo Alvarez retain a very hands on approach to the business with Guillermo saying they, ‘mash by hand, bottle by hand and label by hand.’

This is an ethos that is clear to see on the brewery tour. There’s a handled machine for capping bottles in one corner, a small bottle steriliser in another and in Rob, a former mining engineer, a tour guide who clearly has a passion for his beer and his company.

They are unafraid to try new flavours or resurrect forgotten classics, like milk stout. You can tell that they are striving for character while also aiming to remain as socially responsible and environmentally friendly as possible.

If you’re out on a coastal or woodland walk this autumn, or taking a lunch break from sightseeing, you’re bound to find somewhere selling Rebel Ale.  There’s something for every palette from the popular Cornish Sunset, a zesty, crisp and refreshing golden ale to the Bal Maiden (the name for a young Cornish lass who used to work in the mining industry), which has a deeper, malty flavour.

List of Rebel Brewery outlets: http://www.rebelbrewing.co.uk/where-to-drink-rebel


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