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With thousands of visitors to Cornwall every year it can sometimes be hard to tell what to do or where to go for that authentic Cornish experience. People who have visited before generally have their routines of places to visit every year, but what about the new places? Perhaps just down the road is a hidden gem you just didn’t realise was there.

We want to share  these places with you. Whether it be one that we’ve found or somebody has shared with us, and hopefully we can help you discover somewhere you didn’t know about.
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We’re going to start with a deli/café in Falmouth called Provedore. Set among the houses at the top of Trelawney road Provedore is a deli/café/restaurant. With rustic Spanish lunches, world class coffee and incredible tapas evenings with queues down the road.



Run by husband and wife their tapas nights are legend among Falmouth, the doors open at 6.30 for a relaxed dinner of as many tapas plates as you can manage. There are only a few ‘regular’ dishes such as tortilla or deli meats, the rest is all specials with lots of seasonal options.

Tapas Dinner Lunch


It’s best to get there at 6 in the summer months or you may not get a table. But the food is definitely worth the wait. If however you’re not sure about queuing for your dinner then perhaps nip up for breakfast or lunch they’re open 8.30-3.30 most days.

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