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We must tell you about Chocolarder. We can’t keep them to ourselves much longer; not that we’d want to, of course. Their profile and reputation are quickly gaining ground, due in part to Chef and fan Michel Roux Jnr, who has been tweeting good things about the Cornish chocolatier of late.

Chocolarder have been making artisan bean to bar chocolate for 3 years in Cornwall. From machinery to recipes: their founder is a true innovator.

A chef who turned his hand from Michelin star pastry chefing to manufacturing Cornwall’s only bean to bar chocolate is takes pride in the county’s prolific produce. Having previously invented a signature chocolate dish of a chemically tricky chocolate steam, the creator of Chocolarder is nothing short of fanatical about real chocolate. One of only 7 producers of authentic, bean-to-bar chocolate in the UK, Chocolarder grind beans using machinery invented on site, and forage ingredients from Cornish hedgerows to experiment with flavour.

As well as a near perfect pure chocolate bar there are some wonderful and scintillating variations being concocted: there’s the wild gorse flower bar, made from gorse picked from the wild cliffs of Kynance; the Cornish honeycomb, made from the honey of Lizard bees; and seasonally, the Frankincense and Myrrh bar.

When we say machinery invented onsite, we mean it. “The grinder I’m using at the moment was an India Dosa batter grinder originally,” says Mike Longman, the chocolatier himself, “Whilst it does the job brilliantly; the motor that was in it was only made to run for 4 hours, so I had to replace that. The wheels were made of a softer stone, like limestone, so I had to replace them with Cornish granite.”

Longman’s passion for chocolate is worn on his sleeve. While we can’t get enough of his 100% chocolate bar, he is still searching for that perfect flavour: “I’m always creating unusual chocolate flavours, but my biggest challenge is getting a 100% chocolate bar I’m happy with, as it comes down to the finest details of sourcing the perfect beans and roasting them in exactly the right way. Being involved from bean to bar opens up a whole world of flavours; we are currently looking at collaborating with a seaweed company to make chocolate with seaweed in it, and one of my current experiments is a guinea pepper chocolate.”

If, having read this, you are hankering for some artisan chocolate, fear not. There are many retailers stocking Chocolarder products around the county, but if you can’t find them then head to The Rebel Brewery where they sell chocolate bars in their gift shop. Failing that, there’s

After first encountering the Chocolarder at a craft fair, we made the mistake of only buying a small packet of salted caramel balls and it was agonizing trying to eke out their existence for as long as possible. We’ve not made the same mistake since.

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