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Three years ago a shipping container appeared in Lemon Plaza and Truro was graced with a new style of take away, joining the rest of the country in its love of the gourmet burger, and Hubbox was born. It was only going to be a temporary thing…but that shipping container is still there today.

Hubbox isn’t though. The expanding business, which started as ‘The Hub’ in St Ives, has recently moved into a 29th-century Wesleyan chapel, transforming it into a bright, postmodern vintage diner and earning itself an endorsement from the Guardian. Light streams in through the old stained glass windows, over the original buttresses and onto graffitied murals whilst the carved up remnants of old shipping containers give a nod to the restaurant’s beginnings. It’s teeming with life at the weekends and took us about 20 minutes to get a table. The time flew by though and we spent it sat at the bar drinking and salivating at the food landing on table.

Sliders - hub box

The menu is a small, focused affair concentrating on hip, upmarket versions of American classics. There’s a plethora locally sourced burger options, from a standard cheese burger to versions lashed in pulled pork and Swiss cheese, and stacked high in Baker Tom’s demi-brioche rolls.

Away from the meat feasts, there are falafels, cheeses and the Mack Daddy – a delicious mackerel fillet roll – catering to all the pescetarians and vegetarians.

On the drinks front there’s a rolling selection craft beers on offer as well as some generously portioned milkshakes: I highly recommend the salted caramel, although last week’s special, key lime pie ‘shake was a bit special too.

The Hubbox brand is still expanding, with one recently opening in Exeter and a Plymouth venue opening sometime this year. But what about that old shipping container on the plaza? It’s still there, and still run by the Hub folk as ‘Chick In Box’. And they’ve got plans to expand from the box and onto the adjacent riverboat. Their crispy buttermilk chicken ain’t too bad either.

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