RNAS Culdrose Air Day – Thursday 30th July

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As a holiday company Cornish Holiday Cottages are used to using superlatives in regard to our surroundings – most relaxing, quietest, smallest, quaintest. However, it’s not often that we think of Cornwall as being home to the biggest of anything. We boast the farthest, as in ‘the farthest west’ or ‘the farthest south’ and ‘the farthest you can get from London before the train stops’, but there are some pretty big things afoot around these parts too. There’s Falmouth, the largest natural sea port in Europe for a start, then adjoining Helston, there’s one of the largest helicopter bases in Europe.

That’s right, the small Cornish market town is home to the country’s biggest helicopter base. Famed for heroic rescues, and with frontline helicopter Squadrons supporting the Navy across the globe, Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose is home to a variety of military aircraft including Merlin and Sea King helicopters, Hawk Jets, and the King Air 350 Avengers and runs regular rescue missions all over the UK. Many of the people stationed there also take part in missions all over the world.

Being a military base, it is rare for us civilians to get a look inside, but for one day each year the gates are flung open for Air Day and we are given a chance to step into the world of Culdrose and experience the sights and sounds of a working military Naval Air Station.

The team at Culdrose line up a variety of aerobatic display teams, fast jets and historic aircraft to woo the crowds with their dazzling displays and death-defying manoeuvres.

As well as an exciting, action-packed flying display, there are lots of things to see, touch and try on the ground. Amongst other activities, visitors will be able to climb onboard aircraft, find out what it’s like to sit at the controls of a 15 tonne helicopter surrounded by the latest technology, take a pleasure flight, be winched high into the air or jump into the driving seat of a military fire engine.

There is also the chance to meet aircrew who have served on Front Line Squadrons all over the world, pilots who have just earned their ‘Wings’, and members of the Search and Rescue Squadron who are seen flying all over Cornwall on daring rescue missions.

Tickets to Air Day are £5 cheaper in advance and can be bought from here (http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/culdroseairday). There are also family tickets available for two adults and three children.

As a word of warning to all our guests, the roads will be extremely busy around Helston on the 30th July and it is best to avoid driving towards the Lizard mid-morning and late afternoon. This includes the back roads. Not only are people queuing to enter Culdrose, but they are parking in laybys in order to watch the displays.


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