South West Street Food Competition

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The jury is out for the best street food in the nation and the search has stretched to all corners of the UK, and of course the South West has a massive street food scene, so set up shop on Falmouth’s Event Square for an epic three days of smoked roasts, Asian inspired fish dishes, gourmet crumpets and secretive bars recently.

Here at Cornish Holiday Cottages we can’t resist a foodie event and found ourselves throwing our healthy eating plans to the wind in a bid to sample everything on the menu.

Competitors came from as far away as Dorset: there were sumptuous kebabs from Devon’s The Posh Kebab Company and elegant ice-cream from Somerset’s Vee Double Moo, as well as pig’s tails and stacked pork club sandwiches from Falmouth’s own Rasher.

Our quest to sample everything in sight was helped by the £3 sampler options offered by each stall. But stall really doesn’t do justice to the vintage trailers and American Airstream caravans that the food was being served from. These events have become road shows as much as they are about the food: it’s all about the shop front these days.

The quality of meat and fish on offer is a true credit to the street vendors. They have all partnered with local butchers and fishmongers to create the best products they can. But

The first stop on our culinary tour was the Posh Kebab Company, who offered us generous free samples before we even showed an interest in buying anything – such is the power of a competition. Their Mongolian lamb was to die for. Their meat is marinated for at least 24 hours before being slow cooked in the traditional kebab manner. This is as far from your late night kebab shop as you can get.

Next we found ourselves salivating over SeaDog’s Asian inspired fishy delights. The smell of their seafood laksa – a South East Asian noodle dish – was a spicy siren luring us in with its mixture of crab, ling, coconut and Cornish Seaweed. SeaDog are a on a bit of a mission as well: with only 3% of the fish and seafood caught around the North Devon coastline staying in the area and the rest being exported, they are trying to cling on to the heritage of the local fisherman.

It was at this point in the day that we caught wind of a secret bar that was being run by Sharpe’s Brewery and after hunting down the guest list we found ourselves bundled into the back of a large van. As our eyes adjusted to the twilight darkness of the van we could make out the metallic edges of a bar and a padded bench, upon which we slipped ourselves. The lights then came on and a barman popped up from behind the bar.

Over the next half hour we were treated to a variety of ale and food pairings designed to mingle on the palette. There was Chalky’s Bite, a fennel tinged beer made for Rick Stein and served with a mackeral pate; a beer that takes the bite off of a Cornish blue cheese; a 7% beer brewed with Origin coffee that works beautifully when washed over salted caramel brownies. At the end it’s revealed that all the food was prepared by Michelin Star chef Paul Ripley!

Before we get round to telling you about the winners of the event, we must mention Lola’s Wings from Devon – probably the best chicken wings we’ve ever tasted. They were crispy in all the right places and slid from the bone. It seems futile a gesture – we’ll probably never see them again ourselves – but if you ever get the chance…

At the end of the weekend there could only be one winner and there was a little bit of hometown favouritism at play. Rasher won both the Judge’s and the People’s Choice Awards with their understated porky delights. But with their residency at local hipster bar, Mono, and through appearing at almost every food related event in Cornwall, they have a big presence in the town and a lot of fans. Andy Appleton, Head Chef at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall oversaw proceedings and in the interests of fairness, Inkie’s Smokehouse with their 16 hour smoked meats and irresistible sauces went through to the finals as well. And we say good luck to them both.



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