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January 18, 2016 by becca.lazar 1 Comment

I have had a busy week, with walks on the beach, chasing the post man, and I modelled in a CHC photo shoot for a brand new holiday cottage coming soon. It’s not easy being a model; sitting still, looking at the camera, keeping out of the way, not things that come naturally for a Jack Russell. Anyway I thought I would put together some top tips for any other models out there dreaming of their ‘big break’…


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  2. One – Make sure your beard is all going in one direction, there should be a human on hand to help with this, if not bark a few times and someone should come running (you are the star after all).
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  4. TwoPerfect the art of lying down, a bit like Derek Zoolander it’s good to have a few different lying down positions under your belt. I call this one ‘Long Legs’.
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  6. ThreeEat on demand, its a hard job but somebody has got to do it.
  7. roscarrack vean. holiday. falmouth (58 of 227)
  8. FourThe art of sitting, it’s not about comfort, here it is about looking good.


Well, I hope that has helped create a few budding stars, it seems I may be roped into a few more of these shoots so watch this space! I have also rather enjoyed the spotlight here on the blog, if you’re lucky I will tell you about my favourite local dog friendly pub next!

Adios Amigos

Mingo x


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