Easter in Cornwall

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What are your Easter traditions? Some people have big family meals, some people go to church, but no Easter weekend is complete without an Easter egg hunt! Many of our cottages have interesting gardens perfect for concealing those delicious chocolate treats. Please find our top tips below for little egg hunters this Easter.

– Be sure to look high and low to find those eggs

– Look closely, some eggs may be the same colour as the foliage.

– Check all the nooks and crannies, there might be eggs you have to search a bit harder for, so try moving grass and big leaves.

– Remind the responsible adults not to put them too near to the ground if there are dogs about.

– Have a good basket or container to collect all your eggs in, pockets can be a bit warm for chocolate.

– Remember to count the eggs before and after the hunt, you wouldn’t want an animal eating the foil thinking it was food.

– In the interest of fairness it might be nice to let the littlest egg hunters have a head start or they may not end up with their fair share.

– Finally try not to eat all your bounty at once and don’t forget the kind adults that helped the Easter bunny lay the trail – I am sure they like chocolate too!

We’re lucky enough to have some cottages with brilliant gardens for egg hunting. Don’t panic if the weather isn’t in your favour, houses can be just as good egg hunting ground with even more hiding places!

The Foreshore

With a large expanse of grass leading down to the creek and big, beautiful flowers this garden is brilliant for hiding Easter eggs.

The Foreshore - Port Navas - Helford River - garden The Foreshore - Port Navas - Helford River - view creek

The Coach House

With ten acres of beautiful gardens it may best to choose a section for your egg hunt or it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Alternatively why not walk down to one of the coves on the Helford River and have an egg hunt on the beach?

COH_estategarden3 COH_estategarden1

Chy an Kres

Not a huge garden but a good one nonetheless, filled with plant pots and perfect hiding places for those little chocolate eggs!

chy-an-kres-garden chy-an-kres-rear-garden

Clipper Cottage

Built on different levels with lots of big plants and shrubs, this is sure to be a good spot for little egg hunters.

clipper-cottage-garden clipper-cottage-garden1

Chy an Dour

Chy an Dour’s garden has lots of sneaky hiding places, or even better you could use the whole of the former fishing hamlet of Durgan for your hunt. Although don’t be too surprised if some of your eggs go missing as other members of public could be about!



With lots of big bushes, and rockery built into the front garden this is perfect for an egg hunt, as there are lots of small gaps and some nice old trees for hiding on different levels.

IMG_3898 IMG_3904


Spinnakers offers a garden with a view. In this south facing spot your egg hunters will have to seek out the eggs quickly if it is a warm day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spinnakers_terrace





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