Trigging on the Helford River

March 28, 2014 by emily.boriosi No Comments

cockles-helford river

Trigging is the collection of shellfish by hand.

The Helford River has small cockle beds at Bar Beach, Treath and Gillan. On Good Friday each year families flock to the shores of the river to collect shellfish, namely cockles and periwinkles. This tradition, dating from pre-Christian times, is known as trigging. If the tide is favourably low and the weather good, a few hundred people can be seen taking part. You will need your wellies, a shovel, a bucket and a sense of adventure! Please be sure to leave any undersized cockles (smaller than a 20p piece) and only take as many as you need for your own consumption.

If you fancy having a go at trigging yourself, or just fancy a visit to the tranquil haven that is the Helford River, then please have a look at our gorgeous Cornish Holiday Cottages.

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