COVID-19 Update 21.03.20

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Dear Guests

Our hearts are heavy. On the advice of Visit Cornwall, Cornwall Council and Public Health England we are at the point where we are requested not to encourage any movement to Cornwall for the next three months.

We will therefore be contacting you if you have a booking, with a start date from now, up until 20th June 2020.

Our one hospital is going to be pushed beyond the max as it is. Yesterday our government ordered all pubs and restaurants to close.

We are entering a challenging phase for us all, however we have each other and together we are stronger. My team and I are working all hours to provide you with the information you need for your travel insurance claims, or failing that to transfer your holiday to a later date. We are busy collating our owners dates for 2021, so that we might offer you the option to postpone your booking until next year.

If you have a travel insurance policy, we understand it is a bit of a hassle to go online and make a claim, however we are a small business, managing many other micro businesses (holiday homes) and all our livelihoods are at stake here. We want to remain open so that we can welcome you in the future.

Critically, we are working through the bookings up until the end of April first. If your booking falls after 01.05.20 please wait to hear from us. Our phones are extremely busy, so please bear with us, as we take time to give each of you our best attention.

We are so very sorry you are going to be missing out on your planned holiday this spring.

With love and best wishes

Emily, Mel, Debbie, Lizzi, Alex and Chris

Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

My booking should start between 23.03.20 and 30.04.20

The UK government advises against non-essential travel to Cornwall. I have travel insurance, what happens next?

Please refer to your travel insurance company and notify them that under government advice you are unable to come to Cornwall.

Travel insurance is to cover such eventualities as this virus pandemic and if you can refer to them, we would be so grateful. It will help our small business and that of the holiday home owner and it means you receive a refund on receipt of the claim.
We will waive our cancellation fee in this circumstance. Please email if you would like us to provide you with the relevant documentation to fulfil your insurance claim.

What happens if I do not have travel insurance?

If you paid by credit card it is worth checking with your card handler as you may have cover with them. If you do not have any insurance to fall back on then please email us on with your booking details. We are so far dealing with your concerns on a case by case basis, as we are required to consult the individual property owners.

Will the Cornish Holiday Cottages team be available to talk to, during the coming weeks?

Yes, we remain here for you throughout.

Once the spread of Coronavirus starts to dissipate, what do Cornish Holiday Cottages foresee happening?

We anticipate (and desperately hope for) a huge surge in last minute and late summer/autumn bookings in the UK.

My booking starts after 01.05.20?

As the situation develops, we hope to have a clearer understanding of how the UK has been affected by COVID-19. Please be assured we will be in touch with you in due course when we have dealt with the more imminent bookings.

This page will be updated frequently.    

Please take a look at our terms and conditions here.

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