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A couple of weekends ago I visited our local cacti show, where cacti enthusiasts and novices exhibited their plants. I have only ever been to and competed in general flower shows before so this was an exciting experience. The show was opened by a local celebrity – radio presenter Tim Hubbard.

From believing Cacti to be strange shaped spiky plants I have discovered the beauty of their diversity. You will see some of the exquisite shapes and stunning flowers found on some of the exhibits in these photos. What a good place this show would be for someone starting out on a new hobby – with small flowering plants for sale from £1.50 to £3 each.

A word from my friend Neil, the cacti enthusiast –

Cacti and Succulents are a very diverse group of plants which are able to withstand both high and low temperatures due to the fact that they are able to store water within the structure of the plants which they can use in extreme conditions.

As a general rule “Cacti” come from South America through Mexico and into USA and “Succulents” come from South Africa although they do extend much further North into the Canary Islands and to the Arab States.

The flowers on Cacti are extremely variable in size, from a few millimetres across to as much as 300 mm and they cover almost the full colour range – except blue and black.

Both Cacti and Succulents grow well in the UK although a greenhouse is very useful. A limited number of plants will winter outside with special care. The main reason for cacti dying is being constantly damp.

For the enthusiast, these plants are very rewarding to grow and, with a little bit of care, will give many years of pleasure.

Why not visit the Minack theatre at Porthcurno and see the selection of succulents growing on their cliff face garden.

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