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Cornish Days Out: Land’s End

November 26, 2015 1 Comment


Land’s End is one of Cornwall’s most popular tourist attractions almost by default. In ancient Greek times it was referred to as ‘Belerion’ place of the sun and the phrase ‘land’s end’ itself carries an almost mythic weight. The thought of perching yourself at the edge of mainland Britain, staring off into the vastness of the ocean, knowing that the next land mass is North America is an enticing, profound one – well, it would be if it wasn’t for The Isles of Scilly being just beyond the horizon.

As a tourist destination, there’s a lot crammed onto the last few metres of Cornwall and it has certainly updated itself since the last time Cornish holiday Cottages visited.

Parking costs £5, but essentially, that’s all you are committing yourself to if you just want to walk along the clifftop, pose by the infamous Land’s End/John ‘o Groats signpost or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant. There are some interesting attractions though, especially for children, and you can buy tickets for each one individually, if you want to mix and match. But Cornish Holiday Cottages and family tried them all out for you.

First up was the 4D Cinema Experience, ‘The Lost World’, a dinosaur themed experience which sees you flying with pterodactyls, outrunning carnivorous dinosaurs and being thrown around in your seat. There are also, inexplicably, bubbles descending from the ceiling. The children all loved it, almost as much as the 31 year old man who went with them. Good timing with the recent release of ‘Jurassic World’ too.

Next we headed to ‘Arthur’s Quest’, a series of interactive exhibits or maze – I’m not entirely sure what to call it – in which Brian Blessed bellows at you to save King Arthur from a dragon. This one’s definitely not for small children and it reminded me of a fair ground haunted house. At times it was macabre, at others it was humorous, but mostly it was Brian Blessed shouting. Loudly. Bloody appendages hung from the walls and ceilings, there was a hall of mirrors, a dragon and what can only be described as a dad-dancing suit of armour in vibrating chains. Our 10 year old boy couldn’t stop laughing at that one, but he was also impressed by the bloodiness of the whole thing.

As a respite from all the horror there’s The Shaun The Sheep Experience which is strictly for the younger children, although we all found ourselves engrossed in the sets from previous Wallace and Gromit films and the insight into Aardman Animations’ development that we saw.

200 metres away from the main visitors centre lies Greeb Farm, a typical Cornish coastal small holding with chickens, rabbits, calves and goats. Essentially, a small petting zoo. At certain times of day there are even opportunities to hold iguanas and other small animals. Unfortunately, not while we were there though.

For those of you heading down towards Penzance and beyond for the day, Land’s End is more than just the last piece of the mainland and is a nice place to while away a few hours. Cornish holiday Cottages recommend pairing your visit with a trip to Porthcurno beach, as we did, or heading to St Ives to mingle amongst the shops.