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Falmouth Week

February 6, 2016 No Comments


Falmouth Week: it’s kind of a big deal round these parts. You could say it’s the jewel in Falmouth’s summer. Half sailing regatta, half a celebration of summer, the week sees both locals and visitors alike letting their hair down with an array of family friendly events during the day and a variety of opportunities to get your glad rags on and paint the town red in the evening. Attracting over 100,000 visitors (80,000 more than your average summer week), the event is a massive boost for Falmouth and a fine reason to book a Cornish holiday cottage in the centre of Fal Town. In fact, some of you have already begun booking!

While a lot of sailing regattas can feel quite cliquey to those not in the boating community, Falmouth week is as inclusive as they come. There’s a carnival that weaves its way through the town to the beat of samba drums, fireworks and a gravity defying appearance from the Red Arrows. The atmosphere is almost Mediterranean.


The roots of Falmouth Week go all the way back to 1837 and it has now become the biggest sailing event in the South West. 450 yachts race over eight days on the picturesque waters of the Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay. Keel boats, dinghies and traditional craft all have their own classes, with the larger yachts engaged in the 25 mile champagne race – no prizes for guessing what the winners get.

With all those boats in the water, the River Fal blooms with the swaying colours of sails. There are loads of great vantage points for watching the races. From Flushing to Tremayne Quay, each race has its viewpoints. Keep your eyes on our blog nearer the time for our list of spectator spots. It’s also immensely important to scope out the best places to watch the Red Arrows deliver their dazzling display above the glittering Falmouth waters.

The Moor and the Events Square become centre points for the daytime festivities. Local musicians play throughout the week and Falmouth Art Gallery setting up workshops and interactive exhibits. Climbing walls are set up and days are given over to scientific experimentation. Whatever your family’s interests, there’s something to get stuck into.

Last year’s week was one of the best yet – partly thanks to the Outlaw Food and Drink Festival, who brought a much needed foodie focus. There’s street food from some of Cornwall’s finest vendors, so make sure you grab some free samples.

As the sun sets each evening, the Events Square comes alive with jive dancing, Caribbean nights and performances from 80s and 90s pop bands. Each ticketed event comes with its own implied fancy dress theme, making the streets of Falmouth buzz with a bizarre mixture of 50s wear, grass skirts and 90s fashion.

It’s a great time to visit Cornwall and experience Falmouth at its best. The beaches, bike trails and quaint villages are all still there, only Falmouth Week adds some extra fizz to your holiday.

The Red Arrows at Gyllyngvase Beach

June 9, 2014 No Comments

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Every year the Red Arrows visit Falmouth in August as part of Falmouth week. However this year we are lucky enough to be graced with their presence twice in one year! In Falmouth week the streets of the town are lined with people, and being built into the hillside great views can be had from all over the town. This time however the event took place at the beach as part of the finale of The Pendennis Cup (which brings lots of beautiful yachts to the area for a week of racing). The Red Arrows kicked off their season in style over Gyllyngvase beach, doing their incredible stunts over the lined up boats in the water. A great day had by all, we’re just glad the sun stayed out!

Thanks to The Pendennis Cup and The Red Arrows.