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Falmouth Tall Ships 2021

Have you heard the news? From hushed harbourside whispers to shouts from the rooftops – there’s only one thing on everyone’s lips in Falmouth. The Tall Ships will be back for 2021, and we’re sure this time the display will be bigger and better than ever!

During the Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta, up to 40 historic Tall Ships will gather in Falmouth Harbour for a long weekend of events, before racing away to Spain as part of the Tall Ships Races Magella-Elcano 500 Series.

Over the days of the event, the water around Falmouth resembles something from another place in time, perhaps close to what it might have looked like all those years ago when it was an important port. White sails billow in the wind and stand out against the blue sky. Shoreside events allow you to get up close and personal with the boats. From trips to see them from the water to visits aboard to see how things work onboard.

The festivities are capped off by an incredible ‘parade of sail’. Where a flotilla of boats cross Falmouth Bay to see off the Tall Ships as the race beings. We can hardly wait!

Memories of previous events are treasured by anyone lucky enough to have been able to see this spectacle unfold in the past. This will be this sixth time that Falmouth has hosted the Tall Ships since 1966.

This event is a wonderful thing to look forward to for anyone staying in the Falmouth and Helford River area, and is well worth a mark in the calendar. We’d love to see you there. Book your holiday from 13th or 14th August 2021 to join in all the fun.

Up to 40 incredible tall ships will be in Falmouth for three days before racing away to Spain on 19th August 2021. The festivities are capped off by the incredible ‘parade of sail’ where a flotilla of boats crosses Falmouth Bay. We can hardly wait!

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