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Standard Inventory

Items to expect in your holiday home

For your convenience, we list below the items you can expect in your holiday home, other than those listed on the Particulars page of your chosen holiday home.

Dinnerware (2 per person)
Large Plate
Small Plate
Teacup & Saucer
Wine Glass
Egg Cup
Table Fork
Dessert Fork
Table Knife
Side Knife
Dessert Spoon
Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon

Kitchen Utensils
Bread Knife
Kitchen Scissors
Potato Peeler
Tin Opener
Wooden Spoon
Bottle Opener
Cutlery box I Drawer
Fish Slice
Potato Masher
2 x Table I Serving Spoons
Carving Knife & Fork
Sharp Vegetable Knife

Kitchen Equipment
Bread / Chopping Board
Biscuit / Cake Storage
Frying Pan
Small Saucepan
Medium Saucepan
Large Saucepan
1 x Additional Large Pan (if more than 6 people)
Large Water Jug
Tea Tray
Butter Dish
Cafetiere I Coffee Maker
Carving Plate or Dish
Casserole Dish & Lid
Kettle - Electric
Toaster - Electric
Toast Rack
Measuring Jug
Weighing scales
Mixing Bowl
Oven Roasting Tin / Tray
Pie Dish
2 x Vegetable / Serving Dish
Baking Sheet or Tray
Ice making Tray
Sugar Basin
Condiment Set
Milk Jug
Pestle & mortar

Cleaning and Other Items
Washing Up Bowl
Washing Up Brush/Sponge
Washing Up Liquid
Cleaning Agents
Dishwasher Tablets
Tea Towels with hooks/rail
Oven Cloth
Floor Cloth or Mop
Dustpan & Brush
Door Mat
Table Cloth or Mats
Iron and Ironing Board
Dustbin & Lid
12 x Clothes Pegs
Basic Clothes Drying
Spare Light Bulbs
Torch for emergency use
Vacuum cleaner