Day trip to The Roseland

April 29, 2014 by becca.lazar No Comments

I have lived down here for quite a while and never been across to The Roseland, I think because it feels so far away! My grandparents always used to holiday over there so while my mum was visiting we decided to go for a day trip.


We decided to get the King Harry Ferry (in Feock, 15 mins from Falmouth) as it saved a lot of time on the journey and it made it feel like a proper holiday! We got there just as the ferry left so had a while to watch it working and enjoy the sunshine. It cost us £8 for a day return, good value for the time it saved us driving around.

Once over the river we decided to first visit the famous church at St Just in Roseland. We parked at the top of the hill and walked down through the stunning graveyard, more of a tropical garden, with carpets of bluebells and wild garlic. Set into the hill and surrounded by beautiful trees, you can’t actually spot the church until it’s towering over you. We were there at low tide, but the water can reach right up to the church. It was a beautiful calm place, somewhere my grandparents used to visit on their holidays in Cornwall, so it was lovely to see especially with it being a beautiful sunny day to sit and enjoy the peace.


I have heard lots about the Hidden Hut at Porthcurnick Beach, of their famous feast nights and their delicious food. So obviously now I was finally over there I planned our walk around eating lunch there! We decided to walk around from Portscatho, along the coast path, although on our way to the village we found a convenient car park at the top, it cost £3 for parking all day.



We walked around the coast path, towards the Hidden Hut which was closer than I had expected, we got there a bit early for lunch but enjoyed a coffee and cold drink in the sunshine while we chose from the menu. They had a couple of soups and pasties, however we both went for the lamb and sweet potato curry with a flat bread. We could smell it being cooked outside so couldn’t resist, and it didn’t disappoint!

We bought a piece of cake to take away and carried on around the coastal path, the views were stunning and it was really quiet, we only bumped into a few other people who all commented on the beautiful weather. We carried on round to Porthbean beach (dog friendly), a beautiful sandy expanse and we were the only people there. The beach was covered in beautiful sea shells, we had never seen so many large shells on a beach before. We enjoyed our cake and just basked in the sunshine (we thought it was going to rain so had taken our raincoats with us!).

We spent hours on the beach, then wandered back along the coastal path and bought Mum an ice-cream (Roskillys gooseberry yoghurt flavour) before walking back up to the car.


I would fully recommend a day trip to The Roseland for anyone staying in Falmouth. It was quiet and beautiful and felt like a mini holiday even though we were only out for a few hours!

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