Exciting and free activities for children in Cornwall

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Working in the self-catering industry I never get a lot of free time in the summer and this season was no different. One evening, (at a low Mummy ebb), I asked my kids where they would like to go for a special day out and they started shrieking the name of a well known local, theme park. Never my favourite destination, but eager to make it up to them because I had been around so little in the preceeding weeks, my guilt forced me to oblige.

We went and on the whole they enjoyed themselves, but I observed them throughout the day and it wasn’t the same kind of pleasure they get when we are at the beach, the park or when we are out walking the dogs and we just see where we end up. They were excited, but they were also needy – wanting to go on every ride and shove money in every available slot and have an ice cream, a hot dog, some candy floss and other ‘treats’ that made me shudder. It reinforced my belief that the simplest of activities will always be the best and the good news for us parents is that these tend to be free too. Cornwall offers so many opportunities for families to get out and enjoy nature at its best.

Kennal Vale

Kennall Vale Kennall Vale

This Sunday, my children and I left our warm, cosy apartment in Falmouth for Kennall Vale, a former gun powder works in Ponsanooth, just a ten minute drive away. There’s a certain magic about this place. Shrouded in trees the valley was first utilised the power of water in the 1800’s to make gunpowder. It was later used in the war efforts and now stands today, a relic of this period. Although climbing on the archeological ruins is not encouraged there are many opportunities for make believe and exploring around the woodland, waterfalls and streams. My kids beam from ear to ear when they are there and sometimes even I start to believe that fairies might exist.

Rosie and Felix at Kennell Vale

Other top free activities…

– Crabbing off The Pandora Inn’s pontoon at Restronguet Creek. (Top tip – use bacon as bait). Adults can relax, enjoy a drink and soak in the wonderful setting.

Beach combing at Bream Cove. Take an empty jam jar and see what you can collect.

Geo-caching. Smart phone users download this brilliant app.

Collecting Nature’s Treasures (pine cones, acorns, pretty leaves in the autumn) and spending the afternoon making a collage or sculpture with your loot.

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