The Hidden Hut – Feast Night

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The Hidden Hut on the Roseland is famous for it’s feast nights. Locally sourced food cooked in the open air by the beach, what is not to like?

I (Becca) managed to get some tickets for the Seafood Bouillabaisse event on Sunday. We got there for 7pm, at the published start time, but it was clear that people had been camping out for a while! We didn’t get seats at a table but set up our picnic blankets in the evening sunshine. The food smelled mouthwateringly good. It is bring your own drinks, cutlery and plates and in our case picnic blankets. If sitting on the floor is not your thing, then it is worth arriving early.

The food was delicious and I got to sample both the vegetarian and fish options. For afters they had a selection of cakes for sale, we greedily bought ours in anticipation before the main and then barely had space left to eat them! All in all, a wonderful atmosphere, fantastic food and a glorious setting.

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I would recommend one of these evenings to anyone, although I did really enjoy the lunch I had there earlier on in the year so don’t panic if you can’t get tickets for a feast night.

The Hidden Hut is around a 45 minute drive from Falmouth or Helford using the King Harry Ferry to cross to The Roseland in Feock.

For more info about the cafe or the feast nights visit The Hidden Hut website.

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