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Get your skates on

December 4, 2014 No Comments


One of our favourite winter time activities is ice skating. There’s nothing like the freedom of gliding over the ice majestically, your scarf tails flowing freely behind you as you spin in an elegant pirouette. Of course, the disconnect between our imaginations and the real world is all too sharp and hard on the ice. That doesn’t stop us having fun though.

The Eden project seems to feature a lot in our blog posts at the moment, but that’s only because it is a great autumn and winter time place to visit. And their magical ice rink is back for another year.

If you are staying in one of our holiday cottages in Cornwall and you’ve not had the pleasure of skating at Eden, then now is your chance.

With sessions to suit all ages and abilities, from beginners upwards and an ice disco on Friday evenings, Eden’s ice skating is popular amongst holiday makers and locals alike – especially as it’s the only place to skate in Cornwall this winter. There are half price sessions running, so it is worth ringing up to find out when the different sessions are on.

This season there’s a great new menu of rink-side food in case you’re in need of a snack, or a warm mulled cider if you’re stuck rubbing your hands together for warmth, watching others skate. There are crêpes, sweet waffles and sweet potato fries to snack on, as well as burgers and hotdogs for the meat lovers amongst you.

It’s a popular family treat for before the Christmas craziness, so don’t forget to book ahead.


As we’ve mentioned above, Eden is the only place offering ice skating this winter. Unfortunately, Truro Cathedral are not be able to offer their own skating experience; something they have been doing for the past two years and express disappointment at not being able to provide.

Essential repair work is being carried out on the cathedral’s mullions. Mullions, for those who are just learning this piece of cathedral building vocab, are the dividing posts between a cathedral’s vertical windows. So now you know. Basically, they are kindly putting our health and safety and not our desire to slip and slide across a lake of frozen water first.

As part of their restoration work a new creative arts and music centre is being established, which is great news for continuing the cathedral’s reputation for concerts.